A brief overview of Dubai Marina

A brief overview of Dubai Marina

The far south of Dubai where lay the vast Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina experienced tremendous growth as anywhere in the city. It’s incredible how developers raised majestic skyscrapers and an entirely new city right out of scorching sand! Around 10 years back, Dubai Marina was nothing more than a barren land with gigantic cranes and construction occupying most of the space.

However today, some of the world’s tallest residential towers with finest restaurants lay there being the busiest neighbourhood of all. Bars, shops, malls, hotels and recreational facilities continue to appear on the map in a dramatic manner. Dubai Marina has become a hotspot for living, work and recreation drawing some thousands of travellers and residents from all over the world.

The past & present development

Dubai Marina, like rest of Dubai has experienced ups and downs in earlier days. Not to forget the constant congestion ever since work started over Dubai Tram. The arrival of modern developments and futuristic projects removed the flaw as areas in and around Marina amassed buyers/renters from around the world. The imminent arrival of new shopping plazas, eateries, apartments and villas boosted property value while strengthening market position.

Image - flickr.com
Image – flickr.com


Life in Dubai Marina

Being the world’s largest waterfront development, you’ll find more or less 200 high rises including the renowned Princess Tower, Ocean Heights, restaurants, shopping malls and walkways. The eclectic combination of properties for rent and buy fosters quality living and unsurpassed amenities. Considered as “New Dubai”, development projects here are super luxurious with penthouse and suites to buy or rent.

As an attraction in itself, cosmopolitan district offers so much for business executives, classy travellers thanks to a pool of luxurious hotels. Benefits of owning or renting a Dubai Marina property be it an apartment or a lavish villa are simply remarkable. Living in one of the high-rises would give you a breathtaking view of city’s glittering skyline and ocean spread as far as the eye could see! Retail therapy is accessible on almost every corner of the place that’s something all residents enjoy.

Recreation & entertainment facilities

Some of the most lavish shopping and recreational facilities are located in Dubai Marina. Largest range of retail outlets, eateries and cinema would give you hours of fun. Marina Walk; a pedestrian-friendly walkway boasts a gamut of restaurants, retailers and cafes. Pharmacies, clinics, salons and supermarkets along with residential plus corporate cleaning services are widely accessible to all. If you’re hunting for pure entertainment, some of the trendiest nightclubs, clubhouses and lots of berthing facilities are found in Dubai Marina.

Residential facilities & property types

Excellent facilities are available to all residents regardless of their specific location at the place. Most of the high rises are equipped with swimming pools, gymnasium, game room, praying area, community lounges, concierge services, 24/7 security, private parking and much more. There’re one to six bedroom apartments and three to four bedroom villas spread across the strip. Renowned residential areas include;

  • Al-Sahab
  • Marina Promenade
  • Marina Plaza
  • Al-Majara (unit of serviced apartments and luxury residential suites)
  • Dubai Marina towers


Located near Interchange 5 across Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Marina rest among business centrals like Media City and Internet City! If you seek quality living, there’s no place better so book your property today.

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