Falling prices intimating investors to buy investment property in Dubai

Falling prices intimating investors to buy investment property in Dubai

Having recognized itself among the global business and trade hubs, the Emirate has been continuously maintained its position among the world’s best performing asset markets receiving investments over 140 nationalities across the world. After experiencing continuous price rises from 2012 to 2014, residential property prices have recently shown the decline of 2.27 percent at the end of the first quarter of ongoing year 2015. UK-based Global Property Guide (GPG) documented this softening as the first decline after Q2 of 2011. International real estate consultants like Jones Lang LaSalle and Standard & Poor’s also predicted further price decline of 5 to 10 percent for residential assets this year. Furthermore, rental yields were also found to be the highest in the city. A sizeable rise of 7.21 percent has already observed among the rents of smaller apartments in the city. GPG also documented the gross investment returns of 5.87 percent and 7.21 percent on large and small apartments, which is significantly higher than the gross yields in several countries across the globe including Hong Kong-2.28 percent, India-2.22 percent and Singapore-2.83 percent, London 2.72 percent and 3.20 percent.


Factors making Dubai- an investment hot spot

However, higher returns is not the only reason, investors should consider investing in the city, there are certain other factors making the Dubai property investment a profitable option among its competitors. Negligible crime rate, flexible mortgages and improved consumer and investor confidence are also pulling their attention to invest in the city. According to experts, capitalizing money to invest under such positive market trends, amplify the probabilities to earn profits. Choosing an international city, like Dubai, ensures profits for everyone willing to become an investor. The city has endless opportunities that empower investors with excellent equity growth and good cash flow.

  Why you should consider buying property in Dubai?

Buying a housing unit has always been profitable, whether you want to become a conventional homeowner or you want to become an asset investor. Availability of freehold ownership and mortgages without interests has made it equally enticing among overseas buyers. If you don’t have any plans to relocate here, you can still enjoy investing in attractive locations like, Dubai Sports City, Dubai Marina and TECOM offering number of good opportunities with higher rental yields. Beautifully constructed projects are dotted across the commercial and private sectors in the city to execute the needs of tourists visiting across the globe. Moreover, the city offers state of the art facilities for everyone looking to establish business or to own a beautiful home in the city.

How the city manages to offer quality lifestyle for all?

The Emirate has recently ranked on the top among all other cities in the region of the Middle East and North Africa to offer first quality of lifestyle facilities to its residents. While ranking cities for lifestyle, the survey considers several factors like public services, political stability, social environment, healthcare, natural atmosphere and recreational facilities. When it comes to Dubai, one can find heavy investments made by authorities in every single sector, in order to provide luxury lifestyle facilities for everyone living and visiting this city.

Summary: These are the few reasons making Dubai, a world’s most dynamic city across the globe offering profitable investment opportunities with outstanding lifestyle amenities.

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