How to obtain work visa for Abu Dhabi?

How to obtain work visa for Abu Dhabi?

A work visa is a legal document allowing employment in a country where an applicant in usual situation is unauthorised or ineligible to work. This approval comes from respected authority within the country where one intends to work. Typical employment visa is in the form of standard document with government’s official stamp.

Note that even if an individual fully meet the requirement of work visa and residency, country laws simply don’t approve the application every time. Generally, not all jurisdictions with mutual agreement specify that individual must obtain a work visa for employment in these states. There’re laws and requisites which an applicant needs to satisfy for approval.


Who requires a work visa for Abu Dhabi?

Legal nationals of Gulf Cooperation Country (GCC) such as Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman are free of such restrictions. They can reside and work in Abu Dhabi for indefinite period having GCC citizenship. Whereas for countries outside the GCC, carrying a work permit and residency visa is necessary as per law! Also note that if your passport bears an Israeli stamp, your entry in Abu Dhabi would be restricted irrespective of nationality.

  • Crucial documents

An applicant needs to have following documents when applying for employment visa in Abu Dhabi;

  1. Copy of valid passport
  2. Two passport size photos, recent with blue background
  3. Complete application form signed by relevant sponsor
  4. A legal copy of trade license from sponsoring company
  5. Letter of undertaking from sponsoring corporation for you during residency in Abu Dhabi
  6. Complete and notarised academic documents with additional certificates if there’re any
  7. While travelling with family, marriage and birth certificates of your spouse and dependants

Temporary work visa

Temporary work visa is a must have by all foreign nationals who either intend to work or initiate business in the UAE. This is initial document that’s obtained prior “work residence” visa and has validity period of 60 days. Should you need to apply for this visa, proceed immediately after relocation for visa processing in Abu Dhabi or anywhere may take time depending on laws, requisites and mandatory paperwork.

  • Types of work visas

Depends on applicant, they may fall under one of these visa types;

  1. Visa for partners
  2. Visa for servants
  3. Visa for investors
  4. Visa for persons undertaking government employment within Abu Dhabi Governmental Institutions and Ministries.

Work residence OR employment visa

This is a legal requirement for where applicant wishes to stay in the UAE for long-term employment purposes. The immigration department of the UAE is responsible to approve and issue all employment visas whereas bestowing work visas to applicants is a responsibility of Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, UAE. Maximum validity period of long-term visa is for three years.

Additional requirements

  1. Potential applicant must undergo relevant medical examination and obtain a health card.
  2. If HIV test comes out positive, you’ll not get access to Abu Dhabi.
  3. When accompanied by spouse and children to the city, you must earn a minimum of 4,000 AED as a proof that you can bear their expenses as well.
  4. Investors may invest a minimum of 70,000 AED in Abu Dhabi’s local company to acquire work residence permit.


Work visa bearers in Abu Dhabi are prohibited to seek employment in companies other than original sponsor. If someone found working in any other corporation other than the sponsored firm, a fine of 10,000 AED is imposed. So if you’re applying for work in Abu Dhabi while being a foreigner, be sure to carefully read and understand the information provided above.

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