Effect of Cloud Computing on Local Television

cloud tv

Television grew from black and white to stream colored images to a show recorder.  It further revolutionized into TiVo and went on to the DVR.  With the latest technological advancements, a new thought is being given on watching television without actually sitting in front of them. Now we watch our favorite show on the go.

Now the question developing is whether Cloud TV consumes the entire local TV business? Similar to how the newspaper industry is being slow poisoned by the internet with Cloud TV, the viewer has an option to watch shows and programs at work, on the bus and anywhere provided there us enough charge and have saved files to their Cloud Network.  Advantageous, now television can be watched anywhere. The latest programs are updated within a couple of clicks, and the easy mobility and accessibility make it a preferred choice.

cloud tv

Sony has paid heed to this concept and is trying to create upgraded version of television. “Cloud Stuff” is the title that will be used by Sony products that are going to be launched. It will be offering entertainment, games, and social networking. Companies like ABC and Hulu are letting an unlimited stream to their customers who are sustaining Cloud TV. The wave of Cloud TV is the latest buzz which is about to merge watching shows on television and enjoying same shows on the computer. It will not be very long when television with be a thing of the past. Some worry as the television era ends, will it also end the family time spent together in front of the television.

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