Trade School: 5 Different Hands-On Career Choices

When considering going into trade school there are many tough choices appear. It is important to do your research and think long and hard about what path you’d like to take. Some questions are important to ask yourself when choosing the path you are going, questions such as, Do I like working with my hands and what kind of skilled labor would I enjoy doing? This article is about the top in demand skilled labor careers and what is required to start them.


Plumbers are one of the most in demand careers out there. It’s a hard, dirty job that needs to be done. However, plumbing is a very very high paying career. There are always homes and businesses with a pipe problem and plumbers are the only ones who can fix it. One can learn the appropriate skills to become a plumber in a trade school, community college and apprenticeships. Many trade schools also help you get an apprenticeship as they are the preferred method of learning because you learn skills on the job with a seasoned plumbing veteran.



Another highly paid and in demand skilled worker is an electrician. After 200 hours of classroom instruction, training for electricians begins usually with apprenticeships. Local electrician unions sponsor apprenticeships and are your best bet in getting one. One would need 2,000 hours of on the job apprenticeship training, during which apprentices are paid half the wages of a fully trained licensed electrician, which is still very good money. Students who go to trade school for classroom instruction are highly sought after and are hired before one who doesn’t have a formal classroom training. Remember, licensing does not cover everywhere in the country. If you were to do electrical and lighting in Columbus, you would need licensing specific to that area/state.


Welding has many different techniques in which the student can learn all or some. You can learn the skills to become a welder at the trade school of your choosing. After formal education one must also go through an apprenticeship for up to 3 years of on the job training. Welding is a very skilled career and thus highly sought after. The more welding techniques the student learns the more money they can expect to make, as well as how in demand they become.

Auto Mechanics

As long as there are cars on the road auto mechanics will always be in high demand. Being so complex, formal education and training is a must have. Either from a trade school that specializes in automotives or a community college program which offered an associates degree or certification. As with most skilled labor jobs you will most likely be working under a more skilled mechanic. Some dealerships even offer a two year associates degree programs that rotate the student with one week and education and one week working on the job.


Another complex skilled career is in carpentry. Training usually begins at a trade school that also offers apprenticeships. One looking to gain some free skills in carpentry also have the option to volunteer in construction projects such as habitat for humanity. They will learn basic skills and get valuable experience while helping out those in need, which is a priceless experience. One can also apply for a job at a construction company where they will receive all their training while working and getting paid.

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