Watch Movies at Home Better Than In a Movie Hall!

Watch Movies at Home Better Than In a Movie Hall!

How to Increase Movie Watching Experience at Home

No matter how much you enjoy going to the cinema, it’s always much easier to watch a movie at your home. Still, the experience is not the same, right? Well, this might have been the case until now but we have come up with a couple of tips that can increase your movie watching experience at home. Make sure you follow them all and your living room might even become a better place for movie watching than a real cinema.

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Think about Sight Lines

You know how you always like to get the best possible spots when seeing a movie in cinema? Well, this is also something you should think about when watching a movie at your home. Come up with your favorite sight line at the cinema and try to recreate it in your living room. Do you like watching a movie from the left or right side of the screen? Or you simply like to sit right in front of it? Think about all of these and move your sofa according to what you like the most.

Always Pick the Right kind of Movies

Another good thing about the cinema is that there are always some new interesting movies you can see. Some of these might not be available to watch at home straight away, which means you will have to find something else to watch. The first thing we should mention is that you should always choose the movie a day or two before you actually see it. This will leave you waiting for it which means you will enjoy the experience even more. Also, don’t always trust the movie reviews you find online. Always watch all the trailers when choosing the movie you are going to watch.

Have a “No Food” Rule while watching movies

Another great thing about watching a movie in cinema is eating popcorns. They always taste much better when you are at the cinema right? And no matter what you do you will never enjoy them the same when eating at home? This is another thing you are probably wrong about. When you intend to watch a movie at home, you can always set a “no food” rule for that day. This will leave you quite hungry once the movie starts and the popcorns or any other snacks you have prepared will taste much better.

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Upgrade the Screen

Of course, another thing that will greatly affect your movie watching experience is the size of your screen. The bigger the screen – the more you are going to enjoy the movie. Depending on your budget, getting a bigger screen is always a good idea. There are constantly bigger and better screens coming up so choosing the one for your living room shouldn’t be too difficult. Also, having it fixed on your wall will help you create a real cinema-like experience, say Sydney-based TV wall mount pros.

Add Comfort to Your Living Room

Another important thing that helps you enjoy a movie even more is comfort. No matter how good the movie is, you won’t like it the same if your sofa is uncomfortable and you change the way you sit every single minute. The best way to make sure your living room is as comfy as possible is to add as many pillows and blankets as you can. This will allow you to create a sitting spot that you will enjoy during the whole movie. Blankets should always be there so that you don’t have to halt watching the movie by going to get a blanket because you are feeling cold.

Do all of these things and there won’t be any need to bother yourself with going to the cinema. You will enjoy movie watching just the same right there, in your living room.



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