Restore Your Yamaha to Its Original Factory Condition

How to Restore Your Yamaha Bolt Back to Its Original Factory Condition

So you’ve got your eye on a new ride and it’s time to sell your Yamaha Bolt. While all of your fancy mods and upgrades might have made the bike your own, it probably won’t fit the personality of any buyers who might be interested.

It’s a good idea to invest a little in some OEM Yamaha motorcycle parts to get your ride back to its fresh-from-the-factory look. Where there are costly ways to make the bike look completely new, you can go for at least some of the most affordable options to get better interests to your bike from prospective buyers and get a good price. Here are a few tips that will help ensure you’re restoring the Bolt and not just adding more modifications.

Mechanically Inclined

Whether or not you know your way around a motorcycle engine, it’s always a good idea to take your ride to a technician and make sure you cover all the bases. You might think everything’s running smoothly, but your favorite mechanic knows exactly what to look for. You need advice from a professional technician to know the most obvious updates and modifications.

Paint Pros

While you enjoy the sporty flames you’ve spraypainted on the fuel tank, it’s not going to start everyone’s engine. Having major paint issues can make the Bolt look more like a bargain buy than a best seller, and if there’s not too many scrapes or damage a professional touch up won’t be too costly.

Lighting the Way

Some of the easiest things to replace, like turn indicators and headlamps, can drastically change the look of the Bolt. Thankfully, genuine Yamaha parts are simple to install so getting those stock replacements shouldn’t be a hassle. So, you check your bike and see if you can make such adjustments.

Exhausting Changes

The first thing many enthusiasts change about their rides is the exhaust system. Even slip-on designs can leave the original equipment scratched or damaged if not installed or removed properly. Returning the exhaust system to stock guarantees the bike will sound just like it did coming off the line. The sound of the bike is always the key when someone wants to have a ride and if it does not sound normal, the buyer might not show any interest. And simple change of exhaust system can make a big difference in the end.

If you need to get your Bolt back into shape, look for OEM Yamaha motorcycle parts and do without the bells and whistles. Its new owners will thank you for it! And the advantage you get is quick sell of your bike in addition to getting a good, satisfactory price. So, always look out for options of upgrades and modifications when selling a bike and you will be the gainer. Otherwise, you might not get a good price and the selling process can be time consuming and difficult. Now you know how to restore your Yamaha Bolt back to its original factory condition.

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