BURKINI is speedily becoming favorite among non-Muslim women as well!

BURKINI bans across France have boosted sales and interest in the Islamic swimsuit – even among non-Muslim women!

Aheda Zanetti, who claims to be the creator of the swimsuit, says sales have been booming.

She said: “It’s just been so hectic. I can tell you that online on Sunday, we received 60 orders – all of them non-Muslim.”

Ahiida, Ms Zanetti’s company, has sold more than 700,000 worldwide in the eight years since she created the swimsuit.

Image - www.theguardian.com
Image – www.theguardian.com

Ban On Burkini!!Why on earth!?

The swimsuit, which is designed to cover the body and hair of women, has been banned in 15 French towns!

Burkini Advantages::

Admittedly, the burkini has benefits. It liberates thousands of young Muslim women to enjoy the beach and a previously denied opportunity for healthy exercise with extra protection from the sun’s ultra violet rays. It also protects them from men’s unwanted stares, which has also prompted some non-Muslim women to buy the burkini.

The question is – Why would anyone want to ban any type of dress or attire!?

No one banned those females who wear tiny two piece bikinis …so how can you ban ladies who wish to be decorously covered while enjoying some beach sports?!

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