Real Life ‘RACE’ turned fatal! 3 Dead while playing Drag Race

Drag Race turns fatal! 3 Young boys die on spot.

Drag racing is a type of motor racing in which automobiles or motorcycles (usually specially prepared for the purpose) compete, usually two at a time, to be first to cross a set finish line.

Three young commerce students from Kolkata off to a joyride at Mandarmani sea beach in a car were killed after the Ford Eco Sport they were driving collided head on with a BMW.

The accident happened when the three were allegedly racing at a high speed on the wet but solid sand beach in front of Sana Beach Resort, Mandarmani  around 5.30am.

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The Students had not informed parents!

The three students were – Vaibhav Rajnish, 21, Suraj Dasgupta, 20 and Shibrah Naskar, 21.

While Vaibhav was a resident of highrise near City Centre II in New Town, Suraj and Shibraj stayed at Beleghata in Kolkata. Police said the car belonged to Vaibhav and he was on the wheels when the accident took place on Sunday. The driver of the BMW was also injured while the three other passengers in the car escaped with minor injuries.

They were found Drunk and Drugged!

Investigating into the case, police said, bottles of liquor and burnt stubs of ganja (Marijuana) rolled in cigarette papers were found in the car.

“It looks like the youths were drunk and on a high. However, we have sent the bodies for post mortem,” said an investigating officer.


The Fatal Accident – Watch Video: ( Regional Language)

The Last Race ( Regional Language)

What is Drag Race?

Films often have shown this concept of race – English film :’Death Race’ has shown this concept of Drag Race!

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