Indian Judicial System summarized in film ‘Court’ – A Must Watch Film

Indian Judicial System summarized in film ‘Court’ – A Must Watch Film

After a year of its release, I watched Chaitanya Tamhane’s ‘Court’ today. The film needs no introduction. It doesn’t even need a review. It doesn’t need any film critic unraveling its details. Much has been written about it- and believe you me, every single word in its praise is Gospel Truth.

It’s a slow film- it crawls. It crawls exactly at the unbearable pace our lives move. Sometimes it is so real that you will find yourself standing next to the character- you may even smell the courtroom or the chawl. Or you may feel uneasy when the scene doesn’t change. Or you may want to hang on for a few more minutes- to the dialogues, to the faces, to the satire.

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No loud theatrics. No fake dramatization. No display of histrionics. It is not a film that you would want to watch when you are hungry for entertainment. You might want to watch it if you are passionate about films- good films. Genuine cinema. Real cinema. You might want to watch it if you can understand the subtleties in a satire that has a standard. A satire that lacks cheap humor and bad taste.

Films like these always give me hope. We have filmmakers that are so talented that they will take care of the future of Indian Cinema. They will give it its due. They will get us global recognition- not for the stardom but for their powerful stories, screenplay and direction.

Watch this film for its last scene. Congratulations to the director on wrapping up the message from the entire movie into one single shot. Brilliant job. I recommend this one to anyone who can sit patiently through a world-class film. It is just as slow (and gripping) as our Indian Judicial System.


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