Islamic State captors used Yazidi women as sex slaves

Islamic State captors used Yazidi women as sex slaves

One victim tells Sky News: “As a woman held by ISIS they did everything with me. And everything by force.”

Former Yazidi sex slaves desperate for revenge have taken up arms and joined the forces fighting Islamic militants in Syria.

The battle against the extremists is reaching its final phase in Raqqa, once the capital of their self-declared caliphate, but there are still hundreds of Yazidi women missing and believed held captive by Islamic State fighters.

 One woman, who we will call Shireen, spoke to us just four days after escaping from her captors. She was being looked after in a safe house by a charity.

She’d been sold as a slave to a number of extremists calling themselves Emirs or commanders. Her voice is laced with bitterness and hatred as she recounts her three-year-long ordeal.

“As a woman held by ISIS, they did everything with me,” she tells us. “And everything by force. They used to tell us, you are our sex slaves, our servants. You have to do everything we say and don’t question it. Just be quiet. We’ll do whatever we want to you.”

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