MasterChef Australia 2016 – Fans are already missing it!

MasterChef Australia 2016 – Fans are already missing it!

I am going to miss it until the next season comes along because this is THE ONLY show that I love most dearly. Not because I am a great cook or harbor a passion to be one but because this show is flawless- it is smooth, it is warm, it is eloquent. It isn’t melodramatic. It isn’t outrageous. It isn’t unreal. It is a show with real people, genuine people- out there- fighting for their dreams.

They create art in whatever they do- they spin, they churn, they scoop, they aerate, they bake, they freeze, they glaze, they decorate- and they do that not only with food but also with themselves. They push themselves to kill it. They kill it and then push themselves further.


And don’t forget- all this without a background music that goes from a screeching high to a bottomless low. Standard sober tones, music that goes well with those colorful, playful, rich and exotic plates of food. And those 3 Judges- those cute, chubby bundles of joy! Those happy judges. Those super supportive, the spine-of-the-show judges!

The confident ‘Yes George’ that echoes within the golden brown walls of the grand kitchen when a contestant loses hope. The refueling ‘Yes George’- the key to self belief in this competition. The beautiful Australia and the ever lovely people of such a vibrant country! You see them supporting each other in a competition in which they have to fight against each other. They show a camaraderie that is rare in reality shows.

For a person like me who loves food, appreciates indubitable emotions and authentic people- this show is pure delight to the senses. It is one of those ‘Heston’ signature dishes that makes you gasp, makes you wonder and makes you crave for more!

In a quaint way, it helps me to understand how important it is to chase the life we want to live. To see those amateur cooks recreating dishes that belong to the most revered professional chefs, restores my faith in our abilities to make it big- even if we don’t have a degree to back our talents. Sometimes, your desire to make it big is your biggest qualification.

And as Elena Duggan (the winner) said when asked what Masterchef meant to her- ‘It gave her the permission to dream.’

Precisely my point!


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