Seagulls Of Aberdeen – Have turned into thieves & thugs – Beware!!

Seagulls Of Aberdeen – Have turned into thieves & thugs!!

While our law makers are busy making laws, rules & regulations for fellow humans, the birds are speedily catching up with human traits and have started behaving like them as well! They suddenly fly in from nowhere…and merrily fly off with your goodies!

Here is how they do things……

A convenience store has a problem with a new kind of shoplifter – SEAGULLS who are stealing his nuts.

Frustrated shopkeeper Zaman Iqbal said the brazen birds show no fear as they walk into his 24-hour store looking for food.

One video shows a bird loitering outside the store at night before waddling in through the open door.


Zaman, 24, has posted the footage on Facebook to show the problems he is having at his Sweet News store in Seagulls Of Aberdeen – Have turned into thieves & thugs!!.

The businessman, who has run the store for two years, said: “We get seagulls quite often trying to come into the store, but we try to scare them away and keep them out.

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“Because we’re a 24-hour store we’re open through the night. We often have drunk people and junkies dropping food outside causing them all to swarm outside the shop.

“Sometimes one will come in looking for more food and we have to make them buzz off.

I’ve seen them fly down and steal chips straight out of peoples’ hands. The seagulls here are crazy.”

Earlier this year a man was left with a black eye after a seagull mugged him for a bacon butty.

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