Stampede at Elphinstone Railway station on 29th September’ 2017

Divert Shivaji Memorial money (Rs 3,600 crore) for bettering Mumbai local train service

22 People lost there lives in a stampede at Elphinstone Railway station on 29th September’ 2017. It happened because it had very narrow foot over bridges and people crowded during morning rush hour due to rains. This was a disaster waiting to happen. I say this because more than 100 tweets have been made to the authorities about the stampede like situation, and some where even warning of stampede itself. The railways kept to its own sweet pace and today we have lost 22 lives for no mistake of their own. The system killed them and the blood of those 22 victims are on the hands of the ruling party.

There is no running away from this, the old school charade of inquiry is not going to yield anything new what the people have been telling the government for the past few years. The inquiry is just a hogwash till this incident is out of peoples memories. The CM of the state should step up and take responsibility of those lives which have been lost.


Government always points to the paucity of funds when we talk about fixing the railways in Mumbai. Then we see 3600 crs being allocated to make a memorial in the Arabian Sea, which is as good as flushing that much money down the drain. So divert all that funds to fixing trains so that we will not lose lives while travelling. Use that amount to modernise the existing train system and make some real change.

I am so sure that if Shivaji Maharaj was alive today even he wouldn’t have wanted a memorial when people were losing lives. I am not against the memorial of the great king its just that the same could be financed through some other ways like a BOT model or may be a Bond. Better option would be to restore the forts which was actually used by him during his fights. But we have to ape the west and build something similar to the Statue of Liberty.


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