Whitney Houston And Bobbi Kristina– Both Mother & daughter died under mysterious circumstances


Whitney Houston  And Bobbi Kristina– Both Mother & daughter died under mysterious circumstances!

About Whitney Houston –

Whitney Houston was an American singer and actress whose first four albums, released between 1985 and 1992, amassed global sales in excess of 86 million copies.

Image -www.rappler.com
Image -www.rappler.com


Born on August 9, 1963, in Newark, New Jersey, Whitney Houston released her debut album at age 22 and scored three No. 1 singles. Whitney (1987) delivered four more No. 1s and earned Houston her first Grammy, with later albums including I’m Your Baby Tonight (1990) and My Love Is Your Love (1998) as well as soundtracks to The Bodyguard (1992) and Waiting to Exhale (1995). With her marriage to singer Bobby Brown in 1992 and ensuing drug use, Houston’s career got off track. She eventually made a comeback with 2009’s I Look to You and also co-starred in the the film remake Sparkle. Houston died from accidental drowning in a hotel on February 11, 2012.

Death under mysterious circumstances

Whitney Houston died at the age of 48 on February 11, 2012, in Los Angeles at a Beverly Hilton hotel where a Grammy party was being held by Clive Davis. Houston had been seen out in the days before her death, including at one of the pre-Grammy parties. According to a report released by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office on March 22, 2012, the official cause of her death was accidental drowning. The effects of heart disease and cocaine found in her system were contributing factors as well.

According to dailymail.co.uk, the following investigations came in the forefront :

  • Former police officer says 48-year-old died after racking up debts
  • Medical examiner ruled she accidentally drowned in a hotel bathtub
  • She had taken cocktail of cocaine, marijuana and prescription drugs
  • Paul Huebl believes troubled star was targeted by ‘high powered’ dealers
  • Says they sent thugs to collect $1.5million debt she owed for drugs
  • He claims marks on her body look like defensive wounds

Read more – http://www.biography.com/people/whitney-houston-9344818

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Whitney Houston Was Murdered By The Illuminati

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Read the entire shame-game of the Music Industry! – atruthsoldier.com https://atruthsoldier.com/2013/12/17/whitney-houston-was-murdered-by-the-illuminati/

Witches & Whitney, The Illuminati Bio


Whitney Houston exposes the Illuminati

Whitney Houston was SACRIFICED by the ILLUMINATI for the Queen Elizabeth!- I

Whitney Houston was SACRIFICED by the ILLUMINATI for the Queen Elizabeth! – II

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