Should West Bengal Hindus get ready for Airlift?

Should West Bengal Hindus get ready for Airlift?

First about the film Airlift :

Airlift is a 2016 Indian historical drama film directed by Raja Krishna Menon, starring Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur. The film follows Ranjit Katyal (Akshay Kumar), a Kuwait-based businessman, as he carries out the evacuation of Indians based in Kuwait during the Invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

What happens when: Muslim percentage of the total population increases?

Riots, restrictions on speech and religion, and the takeover of politics and law enforcement are just a few of the unwelcome changes that can be expected in non-Muslim societies as Muslim immigrants increase in number, according to Dr. Peter Hammond.  A Christian missionary based in South Africa and author of 40 books, Hammond delineates how Muslims change societies in his book, Slavery, Terrorism and Islam.  Citing examples of countries worldwide, Hammond outlines typical activities that occur as the Muslim percentage of the total population increases.  It is a warning bell about the gradual, step-by-step changes that can be expected in other countries still undergoing significant Muslim immigration.

These societal changes occur because devout Muslims are bound by a 1,400-year-old doctrine of immigration originating in Islamic scriptures and based on Mohammed’s migration from Mecca to Medina. Under the religious edict or Hijra, Islamic expansionism and submission of all non-Muslims to shariah or Islamic doctrine must occur.  Islamic expansionism and its counterpart, jihad, are first expressed as Muslim demands for special status and privileges within the host country.

A higher percentage of Muslims in the host country can soon translate into Muslim control of :

  • political processes,
  • law enforcement,
  • media,
  • the economy, 
  • restrictions on freedom of movement, speech and religious practices.
  • The appropriation of goods and property, as well as violence with impunity, can also occur.   

The situation in at West Bengal in Hindu-majority India, bordering Muslim-majority Bangladesh, illustrates the inherent problems to non-Muslim societies of a growing Muslim population.

Canning District Riots

In 2013, Muslims in West Bengal were actively lobbying for a second partition of India to create an Islamic super state – Mughalistan – that would incorporate Pakistan, Bangladesh and parts of India.

Violence in Usti

This January 29th, in a market in the Kolkata suburb of Usti, more than 50 Hindu shops were ransacked, looted and gutted by rampaging jihadists.  Police mostly watched as bombs were hurled at Hindus indiscriminately.  They fired a few random shots into the air and detained victimized Hindu shop owners while their attackers roamed free.

Hindus flee Asansol; 2nd Muslim casualty in Bengal

News extract  ,31 March, 2018

The situation in West Bengal’s Asansol continues to be tense while reports of Hindu emigration from the town keep pouring in. Speaking to a television channel, a migrant said, “We are moving to safer locations. We are taking our families to the places where the population of Muslims is less.”

Riots had broken out in Raniganj  when TMC workers obstructed a Ram Navami procession organised by the local unit of the BJP. The procession was not allowed to enter a neighbourhood. That had led to heated verbal exchanges between the two groups when some Muslims arrived and pelted stones on the BJP activists and set the shops in the area on fire.

Soon, the news spread in the adjoining towns, villages and districts, forcing the State administration to deploy police and RAF in the affected areas. A police officer lost his arm when a rioter hurled a bomb at the cops.

Political Implications

With a 27% Muslim population, enough pressure exists to tip the scales for elected officials precariously toward advancement of an Islamist agenda and make Muslims the most privileged class in West Bengal.  In some areas, such as the border district of Murshidabad, which is over 63% Muslim, de facto shariah is imposed on all residents.  The vast majority of political candidates, elected officials and law enforcement leadership are Muslim and the economic prospects for Hindus dim as Muslims refuse to patronize non-Muslim businesses.


Hindus of West Bengal need only look across the border to Bangladesh to see their future if Muslim immigration continues and the Muslim population exceeds the current 27%. In Bangladesh, with an 89% Muslim population, ethnic cleansing persists unabated, Hindu land is forcibly captured and Hindu homes and businesses looted.  People are commonly beaten with no police intervention.  Hindus have been tortured and forced to pay the jizya, a tax that non-Muslims are required to pay for protection against Muslim terrorism.  Hindu girls, even married women, have been raped, mutilated, kidnapped, enslaved and forced to marry Muslim men.  Law enforcement authorities are often complicit in the activities and provide no protection or recourse.  Victims are typically threatened if they report incidents to the police. Often, in the case of abduction, police refuse to register complaints and make claims that consensual intercourse has taken place even if the girl is 9 or 10 years old, a non-minor under Islamic standards.

Kidnapped Hindu girls who manage to escape report that they were taken to Muslim families in which relatives and friends were invited to rape them over several days while Muslim women facilitated the encounters.

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The Airlift Example:

If you have watched this film, you will see that young 17 to 21 years old – illiterate and uncouth boys with guns – only trained in handling guns and bombs –  had entered into residents and killed the owners. One of the Indian Businessmen help to get the Indians out of Kuwait safely- like Indians are Airlifted and reached to their destination – home sweet home – India.
My question is – even if couple of rich businessmen (Bengal being full of filthy rich Marwaries) agree to save Hindus from these regular, politically manipulated riots – which Indian state will agree to let us plant ourselves in their region? Or which country in this beautiful world will agree to let Hindus from Bengal happily settle down in their nations…and as what?…as slaves? as parasites?

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