Creating Distinctive Patches for Your Sports Teams

Web is the perfect place to look at, if you are searching for custom embroidered patches. While it is acceptable that you will come across good number of resources, it will be confusing to select one among them. Even, when you have a clear idea about the requirements, it is tough to filter the search process and finally to pick up one from the web resources. If you have any specialized requirements it is best to give the assignments to a supplier.

Patches for identification

Well…to get out of your dilemma proceed slowly. Think over, for what reason do you exactly require the patch. If the patch is for a sports team, there can be several factors for which the patch is required. The most common being is to give the team members an identity that will be solely different from the other team members. In such types of patches there should be a mention of team name, logo or mascot. It must highlight the team color. Sometimes, the name of the member or the country name is included in the patch.

Patches for recognizing victory

A sports patch can also be used to celebrate a win or as a token that will rejuvenate the memories of a game. If it is meant to acknowledge a victory, there should be mention of the event or something else so that the on-looker can easily recognize the underlying story. Any custom patch designed specifically for a game can be preserved as souvenir in future. Looking at the patch you will surely remember every details of the game.

Patches for your hobby

Many people have fun collecting patches. However, people will not be interested to collect the patches that will not attract them. This is another concern- “how to make the patches alluring?”

This is a great question that every sports team face. You must have the intention to create something distinguishing and for that matter it is best to think over what to include in your customized patch. Team logo, color and mascot can make the patch unique from the rest. At present, the suppliers incorporate many things to create really interesting patches. Metallic threads and threads with neon lights can make your artworks truly different.

Choice of backings

Decision regarding what will be the backings is also vital. You can select a particular backing for your patches. When the fabric is thin, there is no requirement of any backing. You can directly sew such patches on the fabric. Some patches have PVC plastic sealed on their backs. These are actually iron-on patches.

In order to affix them, the patches have to be ironed on the garment. It is easy to apply such patches, therefore these are highly popular. However, the patches cannot be used on any garments that cannot sustain high heat of the iron. Another variety is Velcro patch. This technique is also used while manufacturing temporary yet needful soccer patchesor patches for other games.

The Velcro backing is so popular because it can be easily removed before washing and the life of the patches are extended. Adhesive tape backing is also an ideal solution for temporary application. This is a peel and stick solution that can be removed easily. Choice of backings solely depends on your requirements. If you are confused regarding which one will be apt, speak with the patch suppliers. They may come up with advices that will be really helpful.

If you are ordering the patches for the first time, it is likely that you will have lots of questions. Customer service representatives of the company will solve all your queries before proceeding with the production process. Always try to order the patches much before the sports season, so that in the last moment you do not have the tensions whether the patches will be delivered or not.

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