Burari deaths mystery – Superstition or mass murder?

Burari deaths mystery – Superstition or mass murder?

Eleven members of a family, including two minor boys, were found dead under mysterious circumstances at their home in north Delhi’s Burari on Sunday, with the police suspecting the family followed some religious practice to “attain salvation”.

Ten of those dead were found hanging from an iron-mesh in the ceiling for ventilation, while the body of a 77-year-old woman was lying on the floor in another room of the house, the police said.

Two of the deceased were children — both aged 15.

Those who were found hanging had their mouth taped and their faces covered with cloth pieces cut from a single bedsheet. The woman found dead on the floor was without a blindfold and had been allegedly strangulated.

The hands and feet of the children were tied, the police said, adding that stools were found overturned at the spot. The police found handwritten notes which indicated a “religious or spiritual angle” to the deaths. A police officer said a probe will be conducted to find “if the family indulged in occult practices” or they followed “any godman”.

“We have found handwritten notes detailing how hands and legs are to be tied and the manner in which the bodies of the 10 persons were found reflected what was written in the notes. They are exhaustive notes and we are studying them,” Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Alok Kumar said.

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News reporters say that in a country where 30 crore citizens are illiterate, what else can happen? Illiteracy and unemployment lead people to take bizarre steps and they start believing in superstitions and the charlatans make good use of ignorant minds! But in this case, all the family members were well educated yet they fell pray to some superstition?

I have heard of cases that tantricks – who practice negative methods and sources can mesmerize people to take drastic steps like committing suicide – the tantrick need not be even present in the scene and the death can take place. I have heard of cases where a person who was otherwise perfectly alright is suddenly found hanging by the fan! There was a famous actress also who died under similar circumstances – one moment the domestic helper saw her fine and the next moment she was found hanging by the fan! So just like we have distant healing, can we also not have ‘distant murdering’?

In this particular case, Lalit, who had lost his voice some 3 years ago had suddenly got back his voice and he said that his dead father was instructing him to do things that will lead the rest of the family to attain salvation! After this incident, the family had suddenly become very religious and held frequent puja-bhajan sandhya at their residence! The fact that they did hold puja-bhaan sandhya is confirmed by the neighbors. So what can it mean? That by singing bhajans in front of an idol, you do not necessarily gain any divine blessing…rather you do the opposite of divine – suicide is understood as one of the greatest sins according to Hindu religious scriptures!

Clearly seems to be a case of sub or Supra-conscious realm deceased soul who possessed one of the family members and caused such an unheard of mass murder!


Burari deaths-Notes found in the register maintained by Lalit-

In the video below we can also see religious personalities being interviews.

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