Film Grihalakshmi – The Awakening is poised to break records!

Film Grihalakshmi – The Awakening is poised to break records!

The first Hindi film that does not have a shelf life. Based on the teachings of HH Shree Mataji Nirmal Devi Sahaja Yoga Meditation has been explained by Shree Mataji herself in the 73 minute Bollywood film in which all actors & technicians are Sahaja Yogis. Made with the use of the best available technology, used in present Cinema with highly trained Industry professionals involved in the project, Film Grihalakshmi has a very simple story that reaches out straight to the hearts of the audiences comprising of both Sahaja Yogis & Non Yogis seeking the higher realms of truth.

The film brings out the very essence of Transformation

It brings out the very essence of Transformation in ones life and prepares one to receive their ultimate goal in life – Self Realization. The film has been designed such, that it not only entertains with an engrossing story, but also evokes a deep inner hidden desire to learn an art of meditation that is simple and innocent. Yet powerful, impactful and full of vibrations.

After watching the film, it has been noticed that audiences are spell bound, wanting for more, specially in the end, when Shree Mataji appears for just 2 minutes on screen to give them the final doze of this amazing self knowledge. They are found fully ready for their self discovery & not willing to leave the theater. It is here that our skilled team of Sahaja Yoga Meditation expert took over at the end of the film, and in less than 20 mins the entire audience took their Self Realization.

Such a model of film-watching has emerged, and is surging with fantastic results. With over 40 screenings done so far in equal number of cities across India, we have learnt that over 5000+ new seekers achieved their Self Realisation after watching the film. The most beautiful news is, that the impact of the film and the audience experience was so deep, that several cities across India have reported double the attendance at their regular meditation centers.

In fact many have had to open new centers due to overcrowding in the existing ones. Grihalakshmi – The Awakening has yet to reach out to every Cinema Hall in India ( which are over 6000+), where as it has barely touched a figure of 50. Such is the great opportunity ahead for all our Sahaji brothers and sisters to know, that we the production house of the film IMMACULATE IDEAL HUMAN FOUNDATION, are fully equipped to run the film through Satellite at any Cinema Theater close to your home/locality/city, by just asking your center leaders/ city or state coordinators to come forward and get in touch directly with me or any of my team members. We shall make sure that the film is screened at the theater of your choice.

All the collective needs to do, is to try and bring as many new people as possible and in this way fulfill their inner desire to bring new seekers to Sahaja Yoga, and thereby fulfill the vision of our Divine Mother who took incarnation on Earth for this very purpose. Let us all collectively work towards her mission, by making it ours. Right now we have barely started and are seeing such a sensation. Imagine what it will be once all of you step in and bring the film to your city? We may well need to run it for another two years to reach out to all the Cinema Halls of India.

Already the Media & News Papers have started covering the film and it’s crew. The I & B Ministry has granted it TAX FREE status for all India. The Ministry of Ayush has recommended the film to Doordarshan to take it up in the best of National Interest, so can be shown in each and every village of India.

Internationally we are flooded with requests to release it overseas. Already we have applied to over 16 International Film Festivals. NITI AAYOG showed the film to all its Officers & Staff, with great appreciation for the film. We have request from the Indian Parliament to show the film to all its employees. The film is being loved by children of all ages.

We are working on a plan to screen it in schools & colleges. The film is being screened for the Army at their Pune Headquarters. In short, your film has started to go places, and has begun it’s March unabated. All you have to do is, leave all your inhibitions and jump into this ocean of love. There is plenty of room for all of you who have loving hearts. Just open your heart and discover how you can help the process to take this film to where it belongs – New Seekers.

Now is your chance. Please don’t miss it.

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