Women’s fashion – Provocatively dressed women are nothing more than a social stigma

Women’s fashion – Provocatively dressed women are nothing more than a Social Stigma

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Sex appeal is a prominent theme in women’s fashion today, as people are gravitating to increasingly provocative and skimpy clothing. The ratio of fabric to skin has shrunk dramatically as some women now wear revealing clothes which show off their bodies sometimes to the point that they are nearly nude.

The styles and fashions point to a near total abandonment of modesty, as modesty, which is a virtue, is seen as being out of date.

Some women enjoy wearing daring clothes. There is an entire gamut of reasons that trigger the compulsion towards putting their bodies on display. It seems like they are more focused on finding ways to uncover their bodies with the clothing they wear.

What exactly happens to people who are in the vicinity of a provocatively dressed woman?

  • Women dressed in such a manner are seen as more promiscuous. A man will be attracted to her body and not really to who she is as a human being.
  • Men may see revealing clothing as advertising a greater interest in sex on the part of women who wear revealing clothes.
  • Women risk losing respect with revealing clothing as some people assess her levels of promiscuity based on what a woman wears.
  •  Some people understand that appearance is a form of communication. People may judge the person by how the person looks and what the person wears. Thus the clothing communicates who and what one is to others. Just as we recognize a person is a soldier when he wears a military uniform; or a nurse when she is in her hospital attire, likewise some men judge a woman based on what she wears and revealing clothing makes them see her as a loose woman who is inviting attention.
  • In general, men get sexually aroused by the visual stimulation provided by the woman in revealing clothing. This in turn increases sexual desire in both men and women.


Some comments by men related to women who wear revealing clothes

  • Some men claim they would respect a woman more if she had a more reserved clothing style.
  • Those women drawing attention to their physical characteristics are seen to possess a different kind of mind, one lacking in self-control and moral responsibility.
  • Some men complain that there is no intrigue left as there is nothing left to uncover and nothing is left to the imagination. Novelty is lost. This sometimes leads to a decrease in sexual desire in these men.
  • At a fundamental level, men easily separate a sexual interest from commitment to a relationship and behave accordingly with the woman.
  • If their female partners are dressing to flirt with other men, then men feel they are being manipulated in a relationship and they also feel disrespected.

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