Should men fear the latest Lulu App?

Brazil’s Public Prosecutor’s office has launched an inquiry into whether a new Facebook app “offends the honour” of Brazilian men.

The Lulu app allows female users to rate publicly the men they know. It has 3 million users worldwide, and has clocked up half a billion profile views, according to Lulu.

It has led to a national debate in Brazil about sex, decency and privacy.


Lulu (formerly Luluvise) is a mobile app that allows female users of the social networking service Facebook to make positive and negative evaluations of male users on the basis of their romantic, personal, and sexual appeal. The app allows only female users to access the evaluation system, and evaluations made through the app are attached publicly and anonymously through the app to the accounts of male Facebook users.

Lulu describes itself as “a private network for girls to express and share their opinions openly and honestly” about the weaknesses and strengths of the manners, appearances, spending habits, and career ambitions of their male acquaintances.

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